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Listening for the bigger picture

We support not-for-profit, public, academic and corporate organisations to understand and communicate about their social impact, and to generate actionable insights through narrative sensemaking approaches.

Understand what matters to your beneficiaries, employees or customers by listening to real-life stories.

Measure the impact of your initiatives through mass-capture of people’s experiences.

Generate ongoing story-based feedback from beneficiaries or customers to guide your actions. 

Track progress, motivations or challenges over time by collecting stories about people’s daily life. 

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About us

Voices That Count is a collaborative network of strategic experts and practitioners who use narrative approaches to understand complex realities within organisations or projects. Through our work we generate actionable insights and stimulate collaboration for social impact.

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Working with micro-narratives to understand change in complex systems: An introduction to the practice of SenseMaker | American Evaluation Conference | Cleveland, Ohio - USA

Praktijkdag Participatie |  Vereniging van Vlaamse Steden en Gemeenten  - VVSG | Belgium

Hack The Goals | Enabel | Belgium

New Ideals | Sociale Innovatie Fabriek | Belgium

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