For many organisations the way of working has changed dramatically over the past month and the transition to a ‘new normal’ has been set in motion. But how are your employees or colleagues faring? How are they coping? And how do you gather the relevant feedback to ensure that everyone is on board during the transition?


... at the service of organisations and administrations

to help you keep a close eye on the well-being of your staff.

This efficient method and support tool

is a quick, clever, narrative-based way of gaining insight into your employees’ well-being.

It contrasts with traditional surveys, where the experience underlying the feedback is often lost and completing them is a chore.


The methodology behind Rakontado is based on the philosophy and practice of SenseMaker. Starting from the experiences and stories of employees that are self-interpreted by a series of questions, you generate trends and patterns in your employees’ well-being. A user-friendly dashboard enables you to explore and better understand these trends. You can also filter by organisational parameters and call up the associated stories at the click of a button.
We not only show you the figures but also the stories behind those figures!




We introduce you to the narrative methodology behind Rakontado in which your employees’ concrete experiences and stories take centre stage. The method translates those experiences and stories into trends and patterns in your staff’s well-being. To do so, we use a carefully designed and tested set of questions. What’s more, we can tailor Rakontado to your organisation.



We get to work and, within one week, your story collection tool is up and running, with a unique link for your organisation.

In addition, we provide you with a dashboard that displays all the information in a user-friendly manner.



Ask your employees to share their story simply by sharing a unique link.

OPTIONAL:  You can also collect your employees’ stories in group sessions, via an interactive webinar formula.



Over the course of a two-hour session, we discuss the trends and patterns in your employees’ well-being. We help you to interpret the results and bring the main conclusions and insights into focus, so that you can deal with any issues that come to the fore.

OPTIONAL:   For larger organisations, we offer a more in-depth analysis of the stories. Together with some or all of your employees, we take a closer look at the trends and what they mean for your organisation.


betekenis maken

Samen met (een deel van) je medewerkers gaan we dieper in op de trends en wat die betekenen voor je organisatie of bedrijf. Zo worden de trends en de verhalen het startpunt om te versterken wat al goed loopt of bepaalde pijnpunten aan te pakken.


Rakontado came to life through a partnership of Voices That Count and Kunlabora.
Kunlabora was awarded the ‘Smart City’ prize and received an ESF grant for its tool ‘Mezuri’. This tool was originally developed on behalf of the community outreach organisation Buurtwerk ‘t Lampeke to gain insight into family counselling programmes on the basis of diary fragments.


A one-off project, for which we charge a flat-rate fee, takes 1 to 2 months.


The story collection tool and the dashboard are available in English, Dutch and French. For a modest additional fee, other languages or a personalised website or dashboard are available on request.


Are you also interested in regular follow-up and trend analysis of your employees’ well-being or other topics? Feel free to contact us to discuss what you have in mind.

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