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Measuring the impact of long-term training programmes | Timotheus Project

Timotheus is a Belgian movement that connects people and empowers them to develop their talents using their intuitive intelligence. By building on intrinsic motivation, Timotheus calls on people to actively engage with their own community, wider society and a rapidly changing world, in an investigative way and by means of expanding one’s consciousness.

In order to gain more insights into the impact of their long-term training programmes on the participants, their network and wider society, the trainers at Timotheus regularly collect stories from their course participants. These stories are related to changes that participants themselves experience in their lives, relationships or work, in which the elements from a training programme at Timotheus have played a distinct role. By embedding this continuous listening exercise in their courses, trainers are able to use the results for reflective moments with their participants, to follow-up and feedback.

Together with Timotheus trainers, Voices That Count developed the questions and the methodology. Using a customized dashboard, Timotheus can continuously analyse the collected experiences and corresponding patterns. In this way, the impact of the courses is mapped and clearly visualised.

The collection of experiences and the meaning attributed to them by participants, are an permanent source of information about the impact of the training programmes on people and society.

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