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Outcome Journaling

Outcome Journaling is based on periodic sharing and capturing of outcome stories from a group of people working or living in the context of the programme. People engage in collective sensemaking and discuss the relevance of the changes for the programme.


Most Significant Change Stories

The Most Significant Change method collects personal accounts on how people see changes happen in their lives. The stories generate  information about intended and unintended impact and learnings of what different groups and individuals value.


Listening Circles

In a Listening Circle individuals share stories—from their own experience or imagination—focusing on a common theme. As people share their stories, patterns emerge and people see both differences and similarities in the narratives.

Anker Wie Zijn We
Voices That Count uses a wide range of participatory and narrative-based methodologies to understand and support social impact, both as stand-alone methods or as part of a mixed-method approach. We safeguard the core principles of each method but we will always adapt them to the purpose and context.
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