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Outcome harvesting for the Marine Plastics and Coastal Communities project | IUCN

In 2017, IUCN launched the Marine Plastics and Coastal Communities initiative (MARPLASTICCs) with support from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). The four-year initiative operates at regional level in Africa (South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya,) and in Asia (Thailand and Viet Nam), and at global level. The programme assists governments and regional bodies to strengthen, develop and implement legislation which reduce plastic pollution. They equip governments, industry and civil society with tools, knowledge and capacity to help close the plastic tap, and ensure that the full life cycle of plastics is taken into consideration, not just the impacts of downstream marine litter.

As the Marine Plastics and Coastal Communities Project (MARPLASTICCs) reached its last year of the programming, the global and regional teams engaged in an Outcome Harvesting process to capture and report the results achieved in the past years. Voices That Count trained the team in Outcome Harvesting and facilitated physical and online harvesting workshops. We also guided the team to continue the harvesting process in the year to come.

At the end of the harvesting process, a series of analysis workshop were organised to consolidate the achievements, to learn about the change process and to pave the way forward for phase II of the project.

The workshop resulted in an overall outcome map of the project which was used to fine-tune the Theory of Change of the second phase of the programme.

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