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Understanding the evolution of a partnership | Equality Fund

In 2023, Voices That Count designed a strategic learning initiative in partnership with Equality Fund, Toronto Foundation, and World University Service of Canada. The objective was to design and implement a comprehensive learning engagement that would capture the dynamic evolution of collaboration within this Consortium of diverse partners.

The Consortium's Purpose

This Consortium was initiated by Global Affairs Canada with a clear mission: to develop a funding model that merges gender-conscious investments, substantial government financial support, and cross-sector philanthropy. The ultimate aim is to channel fresh resources into global feminist movements for the long term. Eventually, all responsibilities will be transitioned to Equality Fund.

Our Methodology

To achieve this, we organised a series of online workshops. During these sessions, Consortium members engaged in reflective discussions, exploring their achievements, areas of tension, challenges, and setbacks. We used a customized blend of Storytelling and Outcome Harvesting methodologies to facilitate these conversations.

Key Outcomes

Our learning engagement yielded several significant outcomes:

  • Celebrating progress: Consortium members had the opportunity to acknowledge the substantial strides and accomplishments made since the Consortium's inception, both within the group and in advancing gender equality worldwide.

  • Identifying new opportunities: Consortium members highlighted areas where improvements can be made as the consortium progresses toward the transition phase and beyond.

  • Providing recommendations: valuable recommendations were generated for Global Affairs Canada and other organizations interested in spearheading similar groundbreaking initiatives in the future.

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