Listening for the bigger picture

We support not-for-profit, public, academic and corporate organisations to understand and communicate about their social impact, and to generate actionable insights through narrative sensemaking approaches.
Keep your finger on the pulse

Understand what matters to citizens, your beneficiaries or employees by listening to real-life stories.

Measure social impact

Measure or track the progress of your initiatives through mass-capture of people’s experiences.

Design your strategies

Use people’s daily life experiences to guide your strategic planning and actions for the future.

Celebrate your story

Uncover your impact story or celebrate your organisation through narrative approaches.

We support you in listening for the bigger picture
Large-scale listening

Capturing voices at scale from your beneficiaries, citizens or stakeholders

Story journaling

Continuous harvesting of real-time personal stories from a specific group of people

What keeps us busy these days

ELDERCARE | With the Institute for the Future of the University of Leuven we launched a rapid narrative inquiry about elderly care in this COVID-19 crisis.

SMART PEACE | We support Conciliation Resources to stay tuned with the reality in CAR and to understand the nature and drivers of peace & conflict.

RAKONTADO | In times when organisations explore new ways of working, we offer a narrative-based tool to measure the well-being of employees. 

RACISM | We work with the African communities in Belgium to investigate racism and discrimination, based on people's experiences.

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About us

Voices That Count is a collaborative network of  experts and practitioners who use narrative approaches to understand complex realities within organisations or projects. Through our work we generate actionable insights and stimulate collaboration for social impact.

In the spotlight

   “While numbers are useful and can be objective, they are rarely persuasive by themselves as they lack the rich context of anecdotal data. While anecdotes can be persuasive, they lack objectivity and can be easily dismissed. What is needed is an approach that combines the merits of both – the objectivity of numbers with the explanatory power of narrative” (Dave Snowden, Cognitive Edge).

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