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Listening for the bigger picture

We support not-for-profit, public, academic and corporate organisations to understand and communicate about their social impact, and to generate actionable insights through narrative sensemaking approaches.
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Keep your finger on the pulse

Understand what matters to citizens, your beneficiaries or employees by listening to real-life stories.

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Measure social impact

Measure or track the progress of your initiatives through mass-capture of people’s experiences.

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Design your strategies

Use people’s daily life experiences to guide your strategic planning and actions for the future.

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Celebrate your story

Uncover your impact story or celebrate your organisation through narrative approaches.

We support you in listening for the bigger picture
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The Learning Power of Listening
A practical guide to SenseMaker

Steff had the pleasure to co-author the first SenseMaker Practitioner Guide. This practical guide is for those who wish to use SenseMaker to conduct assessments, monitor progress, and undertake evaluations or research. Discover dozens of examples from international development, practical tips and ideas for context-specific adaptations.

What keeps us busy these days?

MONITORING, LEARNING & EVALUATION | We support the Trust Fund for Victims in its MEL strategy of programmes to address harms resulting from genocide, crimes of humanity, war crimes and aggression.



We support the design of a participatory M&E for learning system for the NGO MUVA working on Female Economic Empowerment in Mozambique. 

CELEBRATION | We develop narrative tools to unlock the collective memory of MAVA Foundation's stakeholders, during its closing year

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IMPACT MONITORING | With Consuelo Foundation we implement a narrative monitoring approach to understand the impact of their programmes in Hawaii.

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Explore the images of the future here

Explore the images of the future here


Please share your story here


We love to hear from you! By understanding your story, and that of others, we get a collective view of ‘Our Future’, and we can inspire policy makers and others to create these futures.

About us

Voices That Count is a collaborative network of  experts and practitioners who use narrative approaches to understand complex realities within organisations or projects. Through our work we generate actionable insights and stimulate collaboration for social impact.

In the spotlight

"If people are interviewed, they're answering our questions; if they tell a story, they tell us what's important to them"

Together with farmer organisations in the Sahel region, we want to unravel female leadership within pastoralist societies

Location: West Africa


#participatory action-research

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We partnered up with VIA Don Bosco to improve teachers´ coaching, so that it stays in tune with the reality of students and young graduates.

Location: Bolivia

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#participatory action-research

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We support the use of participatory M&E approaches for the NGO MUVA, working on Female Economic Empowerment 

Location: Mozambique


#participatory action-research

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We support the Trust Fund for Victims in its MEL strategy of programmes, addressing harms resulting from genocide and war crimes and aggression.

Location: International Criminal Court, The Hague


#participatory action-research

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