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Measuring the livability in streets in Antwerp

The city of Antwerp, Belgium, wants to make the streets and squares as pleasant as possible and create extra space for nature and water. They launched several projects.

But how do you get residents actively involved in these projects? What are their ideas for redeveloping their neighborhood or street? And how can you measure whether the redevelopment is effectively making residents feel better?

Starting from the barometer developed in the straat-O-sfeer project we built a new narrative tool, in which people get the chance to describe how they experience their street and neighborhood. This tool can be used before and after the redevelopment of a street.

In addition to guiding the process, Voices That Count also developed a user-friendly dashboard in which the data can be consulted by project supervisors, designers and community workers. The graphs and stories provide input for participation workshops and other consultations with residents.


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